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    We pride ourselves on providing high quality, low risk services, that you can cancel at any time.
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    We are focused on being the best with local, small-to-medium, and tourist-related businesses
  • Provide Detailed Reporting

    We offer customized, detailed reporting on the progress of our campaigns.


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We are the best for local, tourist-related businesses


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Let Us Help! We Offer Advanced Facebook Marketing Techniques to Get Leads in Your Business!


Hello, I am the founder of Facebazooka and my name is Josef Schinwald. I specialize in helping exceptional tourist-related businesses to get new leads/customers in their doors.

The reason we are selective about markets is that we have proven strategies that work for them.

I have been doing internet marketing for over two decades now and a few years ago I became fascinated with all the new possibilities online advertising has created for small and local businesses.

I became an expert in capturing leads through marketing funnels, messenger bots, and birthday-coupon advertising and I helped many clients grow their business with new leads coming from FB.

If you have been thinking of launching a campaign to your market but have hesitated for a while now to the point where you say to yourself “I should” every other day, then you must consider taking me up on our FREE Trial Period.

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What Our Clients Are Saying

I am in the real estate business and I have been getting leads through FB advertising campaigns set up by Josef for years now on a consistent basis. Before I worked with Facebazooka Ad Agency this whole thing with FB ads was very frustrating and I couldn’t get any ROI. I can only warmly recommend the expertise of Josef.
Gunter Freystaetter